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Passion. Experience. Unique research.

MWU Workshops in Ultrasound

The workshops are a unique educational project created for physicians interested in developing their ultrasound skills in a practical as well as theoretical aspect. We make every effort to ensure the optimal number of participants so that we can carry out classes with patients in groups of up to five physicians per one ultrasound machine. Therefore, we do not intend to conduct courses for large groups since it would reduce not only the access to lecturers, but also the interaction during theoretical classes. In our workshops, we avoid sharing so called ‘textbook’ or ‘Internet’ knowledge and purely academic considerations in order to effectively present issues based on our own experience, images and findings shared with other centers in the world. We ensure that our view on education in ultrasound is unique and it is worth comparing with other experiences.

Our target group are physicians with various levels of expertise in ultrasound. We are convinced that each person, regardless of the experience in our classes, will learn something new and thus increase the quality of their examinations.

The aim of the course is to improve the diagnostic competence of examiners in the field of: –  practising ultrasound examinations during the classes with patients; – planning the diagnostic process and developing consulting skills at theoretical sessions enriched with an interdisciplinary formula.

What makes us unique on the ultrasound educational market:

  • a coherent, well-considered agenda (the lecturers present subjects interactively, have a planned and defined goal of each course, we also invite speakers who actively participate in the whole didactic process);
  • teaching staff with extensive diagnostic experience and a modern training approach, recognized in Poland and mainly abroad;
  • cooperation with specialists in various fields of medicine, such as pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, neonatology, among others;
  • detailed knowledge of ultrasound equipment, especially in the aspect of the latest technical solutions and applications; no concern in the discussion about equipment settings, selection of transducers and functions (we set the device ourselves in front of the participants, we do not ask for help of application specialists of any hardware companies);
  • an organized formula of practical classes based on rivalry and learning to conduct a full examination under the supervision of trainers;
  • an open form of “live” examinations with an additional transmission of maneuvers with the use of the transducer and the way of setting the machine (we do not hide from the participants in separate rooms nor use darkened rooms, we are transparent in what we do to allow participants to make use of the presented examination);
  • as one of a few ultrasound schools we cooperate with others as part of partnership programs, e.g. courses in 3D techniques in obstetrics and gynecology in cooperation with the Roztocze School of Ultrasound, New Vision Ultrasound workshops in Romania, modular ultrasound training for Innovamedi – Lvov School of Ultrasound;

  • an optimal number of participants so that each of you can participate in the patient examination;
  • practical training in the field of theory based on characteristics and comparisons without discussing standards, embryology and less important issues;
  • teaching examination technique and ergonomics of its performance;
  • close contact with participants;
  • a colorful script covering over 100 pages of lecture materials with practical comments of the lecturers, hints for practical classes and the basics of handling a training ultrasound scanner;
  • using modern educational tools, e.g. software that supports the conduction of quizzes (used, among others, by Alliance for Continuing Medical Education), or software for viewing 3D, 4D, STIC volume images;
  • promoting practical ultrasound through the publication of educational ultrasound posters (in September 2013 we issued a poster devoted to “an early fetal anatomy scan 11 weeks + 0 days to 13 weeks + 6 days”, in February 2014 one on 2nd Trimester Anomaly Scan) in 1,500 copies thanks to cooperation with Holbex company; the posters are distributed free of charge to healthcare centres throughout the country.

We are for intellectual fair play

We respect the copyrights of domestic and foreign ultrasound specialists. Therefore, we base our classes on the collection of only our own images.

We do not “borrow” images or clips from other colleagues, foreign publications or catalogues of ultrasound manufacturers respecting their intellectual property.

Our experience in ultrasound didactics

MWU Ultrasound and partnership workshops
courses/lectures in the “invited speaker” form

We deal with modern teaching of diagnostic ultrasound using a synthetic method based on innovative interactive methods using phantoms for research, systems for voting and computer browsers of ultrasound images. We conduct innovative classes in the field of examination techniques, work ergonomics and image interpretation. Among other courses, we conducted 14 workshops on 3D / 4D / STIC techniques according to our unique formula, without using the patterns of other Polish and international schools of ultrasound. We have also developed a unique method of teaching a normal and abnormal fetal heart examination in cooperation with an outstanding child cardiac surgeon.

In addition to the MWU Workshops in Ultrasound, we conduct training sessions in the field of ultrasound for physicians as part of partnership programs in Poland and abroad, including:

Roztocze School of Ultrasound (R.S.U.) – partnership courses
NVU – New Vision Ultrasound from Romania
Innovamedi Lvov School of Ultrasound from Ukraine
European School of Perinatal Medicine (E.S.P.M)

mainly on modern techniques of ultrasound imaging, early anatomical examination and assessment of the fetal heart during the first trimester of pregnancy. We have so far participated as speakers in more than one hundred courses in ultrasound. Below you can find a list of the most important meetings which we participated in.

Founders and main leaders

We are the only centre of OB-GYN ultrasound in Krakow, which was founded by longtime teachers of international renown in this field. Our school is visited by ab. 800 physicians each year. We cooperate with significant educational centres in Poland and abroad. Dr. Marcin Wiecheć is the only Polish specialist on the list of International Faculty Members of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Assoc. Prof. Marcin Wiechec MD, PhD

a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Agnieszka Nocuń MD, PhD

a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology


We invited outstanding specialists from various fields of medicine to cooperate with us. Their lectures and comments are a perfect complement to our courses.

Assoc. Prof. Jacek Kołcz, MD, PhD,

a specialist in pediatric cardiac surgery

Dr. Elżbieta Łuczyńska, MD, PhD.

a specialist in radiology

Dr. Olga Milczarek, MD, PhD.

a specjalist in neurology

Our team

Our team consists of a group of well-qualified ultrasound specialists experienced in independent examinations and detection of fetal defects.

dr. Anna Deszyńska, MD

specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology

dr. Dominika Stettner-Kołodziejska, MD

certified sonologist in the area of OB/GYN & prenatal diagnostics

dr. Magdalena Dudzik

specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology

dr. Anna Matyszkiewicz, MD

certified sonologist in the area of OB/GYN & prenatal diagnostics

Dr. Rafał Szpak MD, PhD

specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology

Dr. Tomasz Góra MD, PhD

specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology

dr Michał Ścibor, PhD

specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology


A proper organization of our courses is ensured by our coordinator and a midwife.

Anna Zańko, MSc


Paulina Brandos


Maria Cinal



At the end of the course, each participant is asked to fill in a questionnaire. All the opinions are a precious contribution, which helps us to constantly improve our workshops.

“This course was better in comparison with the other ones in which I took part in terms of the organization, more practical presentation of different issues and a kind attitude towards the participants”

“This unassuming style, the ease of the tutors and their skills suit me very well”

“The courses are better because of smaller groups during practical classes, more accessible way of providing information and good teaching materials”

“The courses combine the theoretical and practical knowledge in a skillful way”

“Teaching style accessible and understandable, pace adjusted to the needs of the participants”

“This course contributed more to my training than all the others I took part in”

“A perfect course which should be obligatory for everyone during specialization program”

“This course was the best of all which I participated in because there was no so-called secret knowledge. Nobody ever shows you how to maneuver your hand while performing ultrasound examination”

“I have learnt a lot. I’ve got new intentions. Thank you!”

“An accurate presentation of basic knowledge, patience of lecturers while repeating and explaining a range of issues, the possibility of a hands-on examination”

“Modern, competent, very practical course management”


TVP coverage from our annual May training for foreign guests Fetal Cardio Cracow 2016. This year we have invited specialists from twenty countries: Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Sudan, Switzerland and Turkey, among others. Dr. Fred Ushakov, who is an Ambassador of the International Society for Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG), participated in our meeting for the first time. He gave a lecture on the connection between heart defects and genetic syndromes. In cooperation with GRID and Virtual 3D companies and dr. Jacek Kołcz, PhD, who is a cardiac surgeon at the Jagiellonian University, we introduce fetal heart models with normal anatomy and defects to ultrasound education. This is the first such a project in the world based on a layered method consistent with the images obtained during a prenatal ultrasound examination of the fetal heart. The project is of a great importance for educating gynecologists in the field of detecting heart defects, doctors completing specialization program and students of medicine. In addition, our models could be of help while consulting patients, whose children are diagnosed with fetal heart defects. Hopefully, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons will also benefit from these models.

Agnieszka Nocuń, MD in Television

Documentary program concerning pregnancy – examination performed by dr. Nocun, described by dr. Liber.

Romanian TV documentary from the Ultrasound Academy Constanta Course, August 2014 (a course concerning ultrasound examination in first and second trimester: dr. Stanca, dr. Nocun, dr. Wiechec).

A report from the Romanian portal Observator de Constanta from the August workshops in Constanta.

Beneficiile tehnologiei avansate

Beneficiile tehnologiei avansateLa seminarul organizat la Constanţa au participat medici din Polonia

Opublikowany przez Observator Constanta Wtorek, 28 sierpnia 2018