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It is our flagship course prepared according to the rule “basics first”, presenting practical matters of the ultrasound examination technique in the first and second trimester and the interpretation of the ultrasound images. The course has a great significance for physicians starting to use the ultrasound scanner, because it directs the examination technique in order to avoid developing bad habits. For physicians with experience, the course systematically updates the knowledge and checks the technique of examination and its time planning. The image interpretation part is presented in a form of a logical guide including the most common clinical situations also concerning the basics of heart defects, so as to thoroughly familiarize participants with diagnostics of ultrasound examination in pregnancy. We do not lose time on standards, embryology or secondary topics. Lectures are illustrated with open live examinations, during which participants can get fully acquainted with the examination technique and ultrasound scanner operation.

Practical classes are conducted with the use of 6 scanners in the organized form. Participants receive tasks to accomplish. Each examination is verified by the tutors.
Classes are conducted by dr. Agnieszka Nocuń and dr. Marcin Wiecheć – clinicians, enthusiasts of ultrasonography and its teaching. Every participant receives a colourful textbook with high resolution images including 200 pages with key comments.

Avaiable in Polish language
English version in preperation.


It is a highly useful course for each gynaecologist’s everyday practice. The aim of the course is to systematize the technique of an examination, topographic anatomy, image interpretation embodying early pregnancy pathologies, congenital anomalies of the uterine as well as oncological gynaecology  and the basics of breasts diagnosis.

The course includes practical classes with patients with the use of 6 ultrasound scanners. Every participant receives a colourful textbook with high resolution images including about 150 pages of key comments.

Classes are conducted by dr. Agnieszka Nocuń, dr. Marcin Wiecheć and dr. Elżbieta Łuczyńska – clinicians, enthusiasts of ultrasonography and its teaching

English version in preperation.


Interdisciplinary course for OB/GYN physicians
and sonographers on fetal heartevaluation

If you still have problems with the basics of the heart examination and diagnostics of its typical defects despite undergoing courses in this field or if you are just starting the adventure with fetal sonography then our course is for you. In our opinion, it is reasonable to begin the training in OB/GYN ultrasound from the fetal heart. The form of the course is based upon an advanced, ergonomic examination technique coming from the experiences of the volume ultrasound imaging and the MRI examination. Abnormalities are presented according to their characteristics in order for the participants to skillfully capture them. The course allows understanding of the vast majority of the typical images. The subject of the heart defects is discussed together with an experienced paediatric cardiac surgeon, who also presents the issues of prognosis and treatment possibilities. We care about discussing this matter in a simple and approachable way so as to eliminate the concerns connected with the fetal heart examination. We are focusing much attention on practical classes, which include examinations in the first and the second trimester of pregnancy. An open form of the live examinations helps in understanding of the most effective way to use an ultrasound scanner in examination of the normal and abnormal heart. We present the session of live examinations concerning defects with a cardiac surgeon commentary. Every participant receives a colourful textbook with high resolution images including about 200 pages of key comments.

Participants receive tasks to accomplish. Each examination is verified by the tutors.

Classes are conducted by sonologists: dr. Agnieszka Nocuń and dr. Marcin Wiecheć –clinicians, enthusiasts of ultrasonography and its teaching; and a cardiosurgeon: Assoc. Prof. Jacek Kołcz from Jagiellonian University in Krakow.Course Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Krakow, Poland

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It is a course addressed to gynecologists – obstetricians. The course aims to develop examination skills in the field of ultrasonography by applying the techniques of circulatory system mapping together with assessing of the blood flow spectrum. The course includes issues concerning physiology and vessel pathology of female generative organs as well as assessing the function of the maternal-fetal unit and the central fetal circulation in individual trimesters of pregnancy. During theoretical and practical classes, the participants will learn about the techniques of color Doppler, power Doppler, bidirectional power Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler and the methods of non-Doppler flow mapping.

The issues are presented in an accessible and, above all, practical way. Also, they are supported by numerous ultrasound images. During the course, the instructors pay a special attention to an incorrect examination technique, which may be frequently observed, and which not only makes it difficult to interpret the results, but also may distort them.

The course includes lectures with presentation of ‘live’ examinations in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, as well as the presentation of applying Doppler techniques in gynecology. Practical part is preceded by an appropriate introduction to the issues, which shall be performed during the work with a patient. Practical classes are run in groups of 5-6 people in a medical centre with participation of female patients invited by Lesser Poland Workshops in Ultrasound. Each examination is verified by the physician conducting the classes, each patient receives a report of a performed examination.

The classes are taught by dr. Agnieszka Nocuń and dr. Marcin Wiecheć – clinicians, enthusiasts of ultrasonography and its teaching. Each participant receives a colored course book including a summary of presented lectures with about 100 pages of high quality images and useful comments.

Venue: New Vision Ultrasound Academy, Mamaia, Romania.


The course is conducted in collaboration with Roztoczańska School of Ultrasonography and organized by them in the Palace of Sieniawa. We provide the content-related part.

It is a unique course leading into inventive techniques of volume ultrasound imaging. The basic 3D and 4D methods are discussed in a shift form: presentations, live examinations and computer sessions. The major aims of the course are to teach volume acquisition techniques; multi-planar imaging; three-dimensional reconstruction (rendering); and thick slice: multiplanar, any plane and tomographic visualization methods. Tutors are discussing the application of each three-dimensional technique in obstetrics and gynaecology. Every participant has ensured workplace on a laptop with the volume images viewer installed and a set of exercises as well as a mini guide textbook for classes. Practical classes with patients consist in learning of 3D and 4D volume acquisition. Computers serve to learn the basics of volume orientation and review.

Practical classes are conducted with the use of 6 to 8 scanners in organized form, depending on the number of participants. Participants receive tasks to accomplish. Every examination is verified by the tutors.

Classes are conducted by dr. Agnieszka Nocuń and dr. Marcin Wiecheć – clinicians, enthusiasts of ultrasonography and its teaching

Avaiable in Polish language only


Our project is an answer to the inquiries of our participants who asked for a training in small groups and individually.

In order to meet their requirements, we have introduced a brand new, exclusive ultrasound course series, for groups of about 20 members, aimed to perfect the technique of an ultrasound examination in the first and second trimester. The participants will have a chance to test their skills, improve their weaknesses, optimize examination planning and the time of its execution. The goal of the project is only and solely practice. In regard to the previously described nature of the course, the schedule will be enriched by promotion of a healthy life style on the basis of sports activities such as tennis, skiing, jogging and self defense. These activities will be conducted by the most eminent instructors displaying a high level of teaching skills.


1. The organizer of the course is the MWU DobreUSG Marcin Wiecheć, Agnieszka Nocuń Lekarze Spółka Partnerska; 31-209 Kraków, Poland; ul. Fieldorfa-Nila 14/JU3

2. The courses are being held according to the “AGENDAS” tab.

3. Registration is possible through our website (REGISTRATION tab), by email or phone and after making a payment in accordance with instructions sent to you by email

4. During the course our tutors will present a problematic approach to the ultrasound diagnostics as well as current directives of proceeding in the clinical practice.

5. For the participation in the course you are entitled to: a certificate and educational points based on:

  • Minister of Health Regulation of 6 October 2004 on the forms of compulsory continuing medical education for physicians and dentists.
  • The registration of the entities conducting postgraduate training of physicians and dentists in the Regional Medical Chamber Registry in Krakow.
  • Documented number of course participation hours.

6. In exceptional cases, the Organizers reserve the right to reject an application for a course without giving a specific cause, guaranteeing full compensation.

7. We apply the policy of industry independence and we are open to cooperation with ultrasound manufacturers and distributors under the condition that all potential partners will accept the presence of other companies at our workshops. Exclusiveness for any company is against Polish and international legal regulations (Polish legal acts: Dz.U. 2011r., nr 277, poz 1634 j.t ze zm.; Dz. U 2009r., nr 219, poz 1708 ze zm.; Dz.U 2003r., nr 153, poz 1503 j.t. ze zm.; Dz.U. z 2007r., nr 50, poz 331 ze zm.).

The course participants are obliged to:

  • Attendance and active participation.
  • (participation in the course is confirmed by registration at the reception desk on the start day).
  • Filling in the anonymous survey, evaluating the cognitive value and the presentation of a given subject, summarizing the whole of the workshops’ subject matter.